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TODO list

Open items

  • External links (in section References) could be linked with their URL, to be opened by a browser (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • a link's URL should be shown after a mouse over on it (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • add search text (searches for keywords through the text) (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • add a dialogue to allow the user configure fonts (PRIORITY:HIGH)
  • add an option to save images at a local directory (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • When a user checks a paragraph, images located at this paragraph could be highlighted (their margin can go bold). Thus the user will be able to combine the paragraph with its images (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • On the other side, when a user selects an image, the textBrowser might show to the image's paragraph (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • A non_native image's caption could show how the linked article relates to the one we are looking at (eg show common categories) (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • It would be really nice to 'port' the application on a web page, so that anyone can use it without the need to download and install the program (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • bookmarks and history capabilities (mozilla type) (PRIORITY:HIGH)
  • Add internationalisation support (PRIORITY:HIGH)
  • The correct place for the left and right arrows to be (that show next/previous ten images) is next to the thumbnails (first and last column, between the two rows) (PRIORITY:HIGH)
  • in fact the whole GUI should be resizable. Thumbnail buttons should be separated to the text boxes by a line that the user can pull to maximize/minimize each side (PRIORITY:HIGH)
  • add slide show capabilities (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • make some cool banners (PRIORITY:HIGH)
  • fix graphics and overall aesthetics (PRIORITY:HIGH)
  • find a way to show the relationship between the images (eg the category tag) (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • when we search for a term that does not exist on the wikipedia site we are looking for, indywiki could search on other wikipedia sites and return the result (PRIORITY:NORMAL)
  • download the entire wikipedia database, calculate the relationship between the terms and ship the result with indywiki, thus make the program run much faster! (PRIORITY:EXTREMELY LOW)

Closed items

  • make a better config.txt file and save at proper place (PRIORITY:HIGH)
  • leave some of the html tags so the text is displayed rich, not plain text (PRIORITY:HIGH) Will appear on version 0.9.9
  • add responses from multiple wikipedia sites. When we search for an item that exists on many wikipedias, it would be nice to add a pointer to these wikipedia sites too
  • add cool screenshots, from different operating systems/environments
  • the algorithm should improve and consider links of the same category or categories (give them a higher scor, so they get displayed earlier) So far this is not implemented, so as not to make the program run slower, still it will be a major improvement once it is added! (will be available on version 0.9.5)
  • make a better project page :))
  • put language + main windows geometry at a config file, to remember each time the program starts