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version 0.9.9 for Windows
version 0.9.9 for all platforms (Linux/Unix/Mac/Windows).

For anonymous access to project's Subversion repository:
svn co


Download the installer and then double click on it. Install indywiki into your directory of choice, enter the directory and double click on indywiki.exe. The installer will optionally create entries for the start menu and desktop.

Linux + Unix + Mac os

Depending on your distribution, Indywiki might be available as an official package.

Arch Linux: #pacman -S indywiki (Maintainer: Daniel J Griffiths,
Iloog: you will find Indywiki installed by default, under Office->Visual Wikipedia explorer (Maintainer: Ioannina Linux User Group)
Debian/Ubuntu: #apt-get install indywiki, currently available in debian unstable (soon in testing as well) and in ubuntu interpid (Maintainer: Serafeim Zanikolas,
Blag Linux: #yum install indywiki (Maintainer: Jeff,

Many many thanks to all maintainers for your work!

Installation from source: Download and install PyQt4, either from sources, or through a software management system (on debian based systems, that is apt-get install python-qt4). Python is normally installed on these systems, python version 2.5 is suggested, since the program has not been tested on older versions. You will also need package python-setuptools.

Change to the directory were you have extracted indywiki and run:

$cd src/indywiki 
or to install the program, run as root
#python install
If you want you can build PyQt4 from source, see more on

Windows executables are included , in order for windows users to be able to run the program without having to get and install python, pyqt and qt. However, by making this an executable (using py2exe program) , it contains python+pyqt4 modules as windows DLL's, that's why the size is extremely big (~23mb).
As an alternative, you can download and install python, qt, sip and pyqt4 modules and run the code, instead of the executable.